Virtual VoiceMail
If the voicemail service your carrier provides does not meet your voicemail needs and requirements in terms of features, functionality and capabilities, you can turn to Gr8r Add-Ons to deploy Virtual Voicemail for your business.

Virtual Voicemail works well with any type of phones or phone lines in any location, and includes all of the features, functionality and capabilities you could ever need, want or dream!  There's No equipment to buy, No software to install, No contract to sign, No infrastructure to build, and No Internet requirements (it's not VoIP)!

AUTO ATTENDANT | Automatically answers calls after your phone line rings 3 or 4 times, plays a greeting with menu options, and routes calls to specific mailboxes based on the menu option selected by the caller.

MANUAL TRANSFERS | Enables you to manually transfer "live" calls FROM your office phone line TO a specific mailbox in "real time".

SUB-MENUS | You can also create as many sub-menus (sub-levels and layers) as you want.  You can program the system to automatically play a specific menu based on the number the caller dialed, the caller’s area code, the time of the day, day of the week, month of the year; or other criteria.  

MAILBOXES | Unlimited mailboxes to provide call routing to a separate mailbox for each one of your employees, departments, groups, branches, etc.

DIAL-BY-NAME DIRECTORY | Enables callers to be automatically connected with the person they are trying to reach by entering the first three letters of the person’s last name.

COMPANY DIRECTORY | Callers can listen to a list of employees, select the employee they want, then be automatically transferred to that employee's mailbox to leave a voice message.

DIDs- DIRECT INWARD DIAL NUMBERS | Enables each user to have their own 10 digit direct voicemail phone number that connects calls directly to their personal mailbox on the system.

DATA ROUTE | Automatically routes incoming calls based on the caller’s data input, such as their zip code, account number, product model number, or some other numeric data.

CHRONO ROUTE | Automatically redirects incoming calls to a different mailbox or phone number depending on the time of day, and day of the week.

CALLER ID ROUTE | Automatically routes incoming calls based on the caller’s phone number, area code, or geographic location.

KEY-AHEAD PROMPTING | Your callers can key ahead (enter their selection) if they already know the options they wish to select, enhancing the experience of your frequent callers

CALL BLOCKING | Empowers you to identify certain phone numbers, exchanges or area codes from which you will not take calls, saving you time and frustration from spammers and telemarketers.


VOICEMAIL-TO-EMAIL | Delivers your voice mail messages to your email address as an MP3 attachment so you can listen to your messages on your computer!  

SMS TEXT NOTIFICATIONS | Notifies you by SMS text that you have a new voice message waiting for you to retrieve.  

PHONE NOTIFICATIONS | Notifies you by phone that you have a new voice message waiting for you to retrieve, and enables you to instantly listen to the new message without having to hang up and dial into your mailbox.

ANNOUNCE ONLY | You can setup any mailbox to only play an announcement to callers- the caller can't leave a message, but only listen to your announcement.  Ideal for providing directions, hours of operation as well as information about your company and your products & services.

UNLIMITED MESSAGE CAPACITY | Your mailboxes will NEVER get full!  Your callers will NEVER hear "this mailbox is full and cannot take any more messages, please hang up and try again later".

ONLINE MESSAGE STORAGE | You get unlimited online storage space where your messages are automatically backed up for you.  You can access, play and download your messages on any computer, at any time, in any location.

PRIVATE MAILBOXES | Enables you to give each employee, department, or area of your business their own exclusive mailbox with their own password, settings and custom greetings.

MESSAGE FORWARDING | You can forward any message to one or more other employees within your company.

VOICE-TO-TEXT TRANSCRIPTION | Transcribes your voicemail messages to text, then delivers the text version to your email inbox or cell phone, enabling you to read your voicemail messages.

AUTO Q & A | Automatically takes orders for your products and services from callers, as well as perform other question & answer type functions such as customer surveys, job interviews, etc.


INTERNET ACCESS & CONTROL | You can log into your system from any computer, smartphone or browser enabled device to manage settings or use certain features.

MAIN GREETING SCHEDULE | You can schedule your Main Daytime, Main Nighttime, and Main Holiday Greetings/Menus to play at certain times of the day, days of the week, weekends and on holidays.

UPLOAD GREETINGS/MENUS | You can upload any MP3 or WAV file you want to use as your Main Greeting/Menu or any Mailbox Greeting/Menu.

CALL TRACKING | Automatically gives you statistics and demographics on who your callers are. Shows your peak call times, call activity by dates, times, durations, etc.


• Every employee in your business gets their own private voice mailbox.

• The built-in Auto Attendant automatically routes callers to the correct mailbox.

• You can manually transfer a "live" call directly to any mailbox.

• You can create as many custom greetings, menus and sub menus as you want.

• Very affordable, only $10.00 - $20.00 per month (flat rate - no "per minute" fees).

Ideal for many needs, including...

• You do not have a complete phone system at your office- you only have individual phones.

• You need to be able to manually transfer "live" calls to a specific mailbox in real time.

• You need to give your small business a "big" business image and a more professional phone presence.

• You want to avoid the cost and complication of buying, installing and maintaining a traditional phone system.

• You need to upgrade your old phone system with new features without buying new equipment.

• You have a mobile workforce (sales reps, field technicians, etc.) and need professional voicemail on their cell phones.

• You have work-from-home employees (telecommuters) who need business class voicemail on their home phone.

• You don't have a physical office, but operate your business in a virtual environment.