Virtual Call Recording
Record both incoming and outgoing calls "on demand" or record all of your incoming calls, documenting phone conversations, protecting your company from lawsuits and legal problems, improving your customer service, providing effective employee training, and enhancing your customer's experience.

With the "On-Demand" version, you can manually start and stop recording a call, empowering you to record only the specific calls you want recorded.  You can also start and stop recording a call at any time during a conversation, enabling you to record only the segment of a call you want recorded (instead of the entire conversation).  The "On-Demand" version is ideal for your business, if you only want to record calls on an "as needed" basis or you only want certain segments of calls recorded, and you don't want all of your calls recorded all of the time.


The "Always On" option empowers you to have all of your incoming calls automatically recorded, all the time.  The entire conversation of every call is recorded, without any action required by you or your employees, and there is no way for any of your employees to manually turn the Virtual Call Recorder "off".  This options is ideal for you, if you need the full conversation of all of your calls recorded, or if you don't want your employees to have any control over the call recording process.


Record Incoming Calls
You can record any incoming call on any type phone (office, cell, home, etc), at any time and in any location.

Record Outgoing Calls
You can place a call to any phone number (local, long distance or International) from any type phone (office, cell, home, etc), and record the conversation!

Deliver-To-Email Inbox
Recorded phone calls are automatically are converted into MP3 files and delivered to your email address within a few minutes after you have ended the call. You can download and store the recordings on your computer or forward them via email to a co-worker for processing.

Deliver-To-Document Manager
Recorded phone calls are automatically time stamped and uploaded as MP3 files, and transcribed recordings are automatically uploaded as text files to your Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, etc.

Recorded phone calls are automatically tracked, logged, and uploaded as attachments to database records; and transcribed recordings are automatically uploaded as database records in your Airtable, Zoho Creator, Knack, etc.

Recorded phone calls are automatically time stamped and uploaded as MP3 files and transcribed recordings are automatically uploaded as text files to your Salesforce, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc.

Recorded phone calls are automatically transcribed and uploaded as new rows in your MS Excel 365, Google Sheets,  etc.

SMS Text Notifications
You can receive SMS text notifications on your cell phone immediately after a call recording is completed.  You can also have a co-worker notified that a recording of a phone conversation has just been completed and needs to be processed.


Dispute Resolution
Resolve "he said/she said" disputes quickly and clarify miscommunications.

Security / Liability
Protect your company from false claims from callers and defend your company against lawsuits.  A recording of a conversation can be priceless if a customer files a false claim or sues your company!

Customer Service
Go back to the call and listen to customer questions and promises made to ensure the best customer service.

Employee Training
Avoid employee conduct problems and mine calls for insight. It is often helpful to have the employee answering your telephone calls to hear their own voice and listen to how callers hear them.  This will help them improve their call etiquette.