Internet Add-Ons
Get all of the Internet service "add-ons" your business needs, but can't get from your telephone company or Internet service provider(ISP).  We offer the largest and most diverse suite of Internet service "add ons" in the telecommunications industry, including Email Extractor, Email Reader, Email-To-SMS, Email-To-Fax, Auto Router, Group Emailer, Virtual Fax, VPNs, DDNS- Dynamic DNS, and more!
Email Auto Router | Routes incoming email messages to the correct person or team based on predetermined criteria, such as keywords in the subject line or body, email address of the sender, the time of day, day of the week, etc.

Email Auto Replier | Automatically replies to incoming emails based on the sender's email address, keyword in the message, the time of day, day of the week, season of the year the message is received, or any pre-determined criteria.

Auto Emailer | Automatically emails customers whenever they schedule an appointment, place an order, visit your website, make reservations, sign-up for service, speack to a representative, etc.  

Email Extractor | Extracts certain data from incoming emails and populates it in your CRM, database, etc.

Email Recurrer | Empowers you to automatically send recurring emails on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Email Scheduler | Empowers you to write an email message, then schedule it to be delivered to the recepient at a future date & time! 

Email Reader | Your eMail Manager will call you and read incoming emails to you over-the-phone! Ideal for users who live in states with "hands-free" laws!

Group Emailer | Empowers you to send personalized or “generic” email reminders, notifications, etc to groups of people.

Email Monitor | Monitors your inbox for critical messages and makes sure you're notified immediate via SMS, so you can respond promptly!

SMS Plugin For Email | Empowers you to send SMS text messages while logged into your Gmail, Outlook 365, Zoho Mail, etc!

Text-To-Voice Plugin For Email| Empowers you to type a message and send it as a voice message to multiple people in seconds from your Gmail, Outlook 365, Zoho Mail, etc!

Fax Plugin For Email | Empowers you to send faxes from your Gmail, Outlook 365, Zoho Mail, etc!

Email-To-CRM | Automatically converts incoming emails into new leads in your Salesforce, Insightly, Zoho CRM, etc.

Email-To-Contacts | Automatically converts incoming emails into new leads in your Google Contacts, MS Outlook 365 Contacts, etc.

Email-To-Spreadsheets | Automatically copies and pastes incoming emails as new rows in your Google Sheets, MS Excel 365, Zoho Sheets, etc.

• Email-To-Database | Automatically copies and pastes incoming emails as new records in your Airtable, Zoho Creator, Knack, etc.

• Email-To-Documents | Automatically uploads email attachements, or converts emails into text files then uploads them into a specific folder in your Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, MS Word 365, etc.

• Email-To-Team Chat | Automatically posts emails as messages in your Slack, HipChat, Flock, etc.

• Email-To-"To Do" List | Automatically posts emails as tasks in your Wunderlist, Todoist, Google Tasks.

• Email-To-Notebook | Automatically adds emails as notes in your Evernote, MS OneNote 365, etc.

• Email-To-Task Manager | Automatically converts emails that meet certain criteria into new cards in your Trello, Workzone, Teamwork, etc.

• Email-To-SMS | Automatically converts incoming emails into SMS text messages, then sends them to your cell phone!

eFaxing | Send and receive faxes over the Internet from your desktop, laptop or tablet computer- no fax machine needed.

VPN | Get the security and privacy you need to protect the data you send and receive over your Internet connection.

Dynamic DNS | Get dynamic DNS if you can't get a static IP address from your Internet service provider (ISP).