Backup Phone Service
Protect your business from phone service outages and natural disasters with a bullet proof backup phone service.  Gr8r Add-Ons’ Back Up Phone Service (BUPS) is an ideal business continuity solution that eliminates missed calls, missed opportunities, loss of sales, and the loss of productivity, whenever your phone lines go down or there's a service outage in your area.

BUPS- Back Up Phone Service re-routes calls to "standby" lines, phones, extensions and locations; empowering you to continue talking with your customers, vendors, employees, etc. in the event of phone service outages or natural disaster.
Standby Phone Line | Stays "on" in your office 24/7, ready for use whenever your regular phone lines go out.

Auto Attendant | Mirrors your normal greetings, menu options, and routing ("press 1 for sales, press 2 for support", etc).

PBX System | Mirrors your existing phone system with matching 3 or 4 digit extensions for each employee or department.

Find Me | Connects calls to employees regardless of their location or the type of phone they are using at the time of the call. 

In-Call Controls | Employees can transfer calls and place callers on-hold on any type of phone (cell, home, soft phone, etc).

Advanced Voice Mail | Voice Mail-To-Email functionality with unlimited mailboxes for each employee or department.

Outbound Caller ID | Enables employees to place calls from cell phones with the appearance they're calling from the office. 

Notifications | Alerts employees when phone lines go down and whenever a message or fax is received.

Call Tracking | Gives statistics and demographics on who called while BUPS was in use, including their number & location.


• Instantly and automatically activates in the event of service outages, power failure, equipment failure, or natural disasters.

• Works with any type of phones and phone lines, including analog, digital, VoIP, cellular, and satellite phones.

• Routes calls to any phone anywhere, including your office standby phone as well as cell, home and branch office phones.

• Rings calls on multiple phones simultaneously, eliminating busy signals and overwhelming one person on one phone!

• Mirrors and matches your normal call flow (routing, extensions, etc) eliminating confusion for your callers and employees.

• Very affordable, scalable and customizable with user access and control both online and over-the-phone.